Our Home

Hi there!
We are a Border Collie Kennel in Hungary, near the balaton lake!
We moved to Hungary in the year 2020.

We live in a small town in Hungary, 30 minutes away from the balaton lake. We have a 20.000 square meter’s big completely fenced garden with 4 houses, 2 pools, 3 big Garage’s and 1 barn on it.
The garden is separated in a few parts. Most parts are for the dogs to run on. We have a lot of trees - shadow in the garden so the dogs don’t have it too hot in the summertime!
We also have a 4.000 square meter’s big fenced forest part at our place with a small river going trough.
We also have a garden part for Agility. We have a professional competition Agility parkour at our place to work with the dogs anytime we want.

We have 2 pools! 1 pool for the dogs, a dog diving pool and the other one’s for us people.
In another garden part we’re keeping sheep’s, so the dogs can work with them.

We are absolutely happy with the place we got here, still there are a lot of new plans common! We keep you updated with the new idea’s and changes of our place!