Pentir Stu
Imp. United Kingdom 🇬🇧

Color: Lilac white
Coat length: smooth coated
Height: 55cm
Weight: 18.5kg

Carries: dilute; blue, lilac, tricolor

Agility / bikejoring / herding
FCI HD B, ED 0 / Good Hips, normal elbows
Eyes clear 2022
MyDogDNA all clear exc. carrier TNS EAOD

*Drift is not being used for further breeding. He has sired 3 amazing litters!
He’s a private work/sport dog.

Drift is my little angel! He has an absolutely beautiful character. He absolute loves to cuddle and is always happy! Drift is a very open and friendly dog with stranger’s, he is happy when people pet him in public. He is not running to people, if people come and ask to pet him or take a picture with him he gets very happy and everyone gets a big smile in their face! Drift absolutely loves children (1-6 years old) if a little children is coming to him he always sits and gets very relaxed, respectful and careful. Children absolutely love him cause of his friendly and caring character. He is also walking on leash with small children. Also the parents are absolutely loving him. He gets a lot of compliments on his looks in public too! Drift has an very great on-off switch!

Drift is very focused while training. He likes to work in agility. He is a very fast dog but gets a bit slower when it comes to learning the agility parkour. Which makes it easier to teach him, he is getting faster after he learned what to do! The end result is very fast and absolute athletic.

Drift is pulling on a sled and is doing bikejoring! He is doing it very focused and has a lot of fun while doing it!

Drift has a very strong herding instinct! Drift is incredible working on sheep’s and is absolutely focused! He is one of my best herding working dogs! He really loves to do his job and takes it very serious. He has a lot of talent for trail’s. Drift is out of incredible ISDS herding line’s and it shows!