The Great one Sunshine 
Imp. Bulgaria 🇧🇬
Color: Black white
Coat length: mid-coated
Height: 54cm
Weight: 17.5kg
Carries: ee-red
Agility / frisbee / herding  / dock diving
FCI HD B, ED 0 / Good Hips, normal elbows
Eyes clear 2022
MyDogDNA all clear

*Ace is not being used for breeding by me, he’s a private sport/work dog.

Ace is an absolutely special looking little guy… cause of his blue eyes most people think he is from one merle parent, but both of his parents are brown-eyed black and white border collies!

I first wanted a female, but when his breeder sent me a picture of him I immediately fell in love… he is absolutely not an dominant dog, he is absolutely friendly to every male no matter what breed/size ect. even if the other male is dominant. He is easy to handle around females and is not going crazy when a female is in heat, he still works and listens the same like always.

Ace is a very high-drived dog and crazy about the work with toy’s. He also has an incredible strong Grip!! He is extremely Focused on toy’s. Ace is in public absolutely ignoring people. It is possible to let him off-leash in public places with a lot of people. In restaurants he just lays there for hours without making any sounds or movements. In general, as soon as I sit down Ace is laying next to me and starts relaxing/sleeping. He will lay next to me or under me and sleep until I give him a commend and stand up.

If stranger’s are coming and want to pet him, he immediately run’s to me, is laying next to me and is looking at me. He doesn’t show any reaction to stranger’s. But he does not like it to get pet from stranger’s. He is not reacting bad, being aggressive or any kind of that. He just wants to be with me and no one else.

Ace loves water, he is doing great in dock diving! Sometimes he also catches his toy while being in the air flying over the water! Since he is very toy-focused it was easy to get him to jump into the water. We are still training in dock diving, he is currently jumping about 15 feet. 

He absolutely loves agility! Ace is extremely focused while working. He is doing very athletic and beautiful jump’s. Ace is a very quick moving dog, which makes it harder to train but is a great thing for competitions. He needs to learn the commands perfectly for the agility parkour so that he can show his quick movements but without any failures.

Ace shows an awesome talent in pulling! He’s pulling sled’s perfectly and is an awesome bikejoring dog!

He’s very very strong and fast which makes it very easy for him to pull a sled! He is my wheel dog. He has an absolutely fun and talent in these kind of sports! 

A good herding drive. Ace has an great on-off switch. He is herding sheep’s very focused. Doing his job correctly.