Luna Tale Raise Me Up Garou
Import Belgium 🇧🇪  

Color: Blue Tricolor

Coat length: medium coated

Height: 54cm
Weight: 20kg

Carries: dilute, tricolor

Agility / dock diving / herding / obedience / IGB / Defenses / dog frisbee / canicross / Flyball

FCI HD A, ED 0 / Excellent Hips, normal elbows

Jee is owned by Maky Benediktová and lives in the Czech Republic.
About him:

My supersweet lovely boy. He loves everything with me and do everything on 110%. Sports, work, cuddling... He has perfect on/ off button. He helps me on trainings with other dogs. Very empathetic towards people, dogs (males too) and all animals. 

He is very gentle with bitches. He loves to be petted, hugged and kissed on the head (from everybody). Jee lives with small baby (1yo girl) withouth problems. 

Agility: Crazy dog with powerfull style running. (On international competition he was second fastest dog.) 

Herding: A very easy to handle dog. He has no need to bite or have an "opinion of his own" Still, he's not afraid to stand up to an angry sheep. 

Defenses: He is not afraid of any pressure, blow, whip... Our trainer said: "Jee is a malinois disguised as a border collie"