Vegas Storm
Import United States 🇺🇸
Color: Lilac white

Coat length: medium coated

Height: 52cm
Weight: 16,5kg

Carries: dilute; blue/ lilac, tricolor

Agility / Herding 

FCI HD A, ED 0 / Excellent Hips, normal elbows
Eyes clear 2022
MyDogDNA all clear

Storm is a very brave girl, she wants to do everything for her owner. She’s very owner focused. She’s extremely balanced, outgoing and easy to handle. She’s nice to every other dogs and humans. She loves children and cuddles. She got a perfect on-off switch, when it comes to work she works perfectly, but when it comes to going into a restaurant or just chilling at home, she will lay next to me for hours and just waits.

She’s very calm inside the house, she does not bark much either.

Storm has a medium-high toy drive. She absolutely love toys and just loves to carry them around. She’s also a very easy dog, she will play with herself and a toy alone for hours. She loves to be with her owners! But she never has or had any problems with staying alone. She understood the crate training immediately. 

Storm shows a good herding instinct. She rather works on distance, but stays focused all the time!

In Agility she’s not the fastest of my dogs, but she makes the clearest runs.. she’s extremely focused in everything she learns, which makes the work with her very easy!

She’s very smart, she loves to learn new tricks, she’s really an very focused dog in all different categories of sports and trainings. 

Storm is not afraid of any sounds or underground’s, she always were a very active and confident dog. Also as a puppy she got a clear and strong mind. She’s absolutely not dominant, she shows respect to all dogs and humans.