Import Serbia 🇷🇸 

Color: Blue merle

Coat length: medium coated

Height: 52cm
Weight: 17,5kg

Carries: dilute, tricolor

Agility / dock diving / herding

FCI HD A, ED 0 / Excellent Hips, normal elbows
Eyes clear 2023
MyDogDNA all clear

Sienna is a very lovely little girl. She is the perfect dog for me… she has an absolutely incredible character which really can’t be described! She is extremely focused on me, she wants to do everything to make me happy. She has an awesome on-off switch, is a very focused working dog with a good herding drive, nice movements, very ability and absolutely athletic! She definitely is the “perfect” Border Collie for me!

Sienna is a very happy dog. She loves to cuddle and always wants to be seen. She is friendly to people but is not that kind of dog who is running to people and is excited meeting them. She is ignoring people and is able to walk off leash trough big group’s of people. I prefer the dogs who are focused at me when walking past stranger’s. A lot of people want to pet or take a picture with her in public, she is completely relaxed , careful and friendly to every people and children.

Sienna is for sure the most water craziest dog I’ve ever seen. Most of my dogs are absolutely water crazy but no one will ever have this obsession for water like Sienna… she is an absolutely great swimmer and is an incredible dock diving dog. She is jumping between 15-23 feet.

She also does a great job in Agility! She is an absolutely fast learner. Sienna has a lot of fun in Agility, she has a very nice movement at jumping and the slalom. She is very quick going trough the parkour and completely focused!

Sienna is working with sheep’s too! She has a good herding drive and is doing her job right. Very focused on the sheep’s and duck’s!