Corra Red vom Hägenauer Schwabenländle Import Germany 🇩🇪 
Color: Chocolate-mottled

Coat length: Smooth/medium coated

Height: Too young
Weight: Too young

Carries: red, tri, mottled

Future prospects: dock diving / Agility / Herding / frisbee

Hips & Elbows: Too young
Eyes clear 2023
MyDogDNA all clear 

Red is a very special one.. she got a incredibly wonderful personality. She wants to do everything for her owner. She is an extremely calm dog inside the house, she knows exactly when to be calm and silent.

She loves humans and children, but the most she loves her owner… she’s extremely smart and loves to learn as much as possible! She’s nice to cats and all animals…

She has high toy drive, an very strong grip and won’t let go without command! She’s a very active dog, very fast and beautiful, quick movements. She got an absolute wonderful personality and is definitely a “one in a million”.

Red shows an great potential in lots of sports… frisbee; cause of her perfect high toy drive and fast run’s, the way she moves while being active…

Agility; she’s doing incredibly small and tight turns, very fast and incredibly focused working. She wants to do everything for her owner, this helps a lot while training in agility! Flyball; she’s very fast on straight runs! Dock Diving; she loves water, she loves to jump inside too… her jumps inside the water are looking beautiful! I could keep going with the list… she’s a multi talented dog who shows lots of talents and potential. She’s a Allrounder, perfect for all sports and lifestyles!