Astra Patsy
Import United Kingdom 🇬🇧  

Color: Chocolate tricolor

Coat length: smooth coated

Height: 47cm
Weight: 15,3kg

Carries: dilute; blue/ lilac , tricolor

herding / canicrossing 

FCI HD A, ED 0 / Excellent Hips, normal elbows
Eyes clear 2023
MyDogDNA all clear

Patsy is a little “momma’s girl”! She’s extremely owner focused and prefer’s an very strong bond with only one human; her owner. She’s friendly to every dog and other people, but she’s not that kind of dog who happily runs to everyone. She is easy to handle, great on-off switch and very outgoing. Inside the house she’s very calm and brave. She mostly lays in her favorite bed!

Patsy is an great working dog, she shows great potential and talent in herding. She is not afraid of anything. Working with her makes a lot of fun, she learns fast and is very smart. She keeps the herd perfectly together! I would trust her blindly, she knows exactly her job and does it perfectly. She’s extremely focused while working. She’s by far my best working dog while herding and at cattle.

She does not herd humans or children, cars or other dogs. She knows the difference.

She’s a very silent dog, she does not bark. She’s nice with cats and lives perfectly and brave the daily-life. She knows exactly the difference between working/sport and staying inside the house or just going to the city.

She’s very fast and got a great running style! She got very nice movements and is very focused. Her jumps looks really athletic, the movements are very quick.