Astra Nova
Import United Kingdom 🇬🇧  

Color: Lilac merle tricolor 

Coat length: Smooth coated

Height: 53cm
Weight: 17,8kg

Carriers: dilute; blue, lilac, tricolor 

Herding, Agility (beginner), canicrossing

FCI HD A, ED 0 / Excellent Hips, normal elbows
Eyes clear 2022
MyDogDNA all clear

Nova is an extremely handler focused dog, she’s friendly to all people but prefers to stay with her owner. Nova got a strong and confident personality. She’s easy to handle, outgoing, balanced and has a perfect on-off switch.

Nova is a very active dog, she loves to work. She’s nice inside the house and lives absolutely perfect the daily lifestyle. She’s nice in the city, very calm.

She loves to cuddle on the bed for hours… she’s extremely faithful.

Nova is an incredible fast dog, she got some insanely beautiful movements. She can jump incredibly high and moves very quickly.

She got a high toy drive, absolutely loves toys, got a strong grip and loves just to always carry toys around.

She’s very fast, she learns quick and loves to learn new things. She pulls great on the sled with the other dogs, she’s definitely one of the fastest ones.

She’s not a barker, but she does protect our home. She doesn’t bark without an reason. 

Nova is not afraid of new sounds or underground’s.

She does not herd humans or children, cars or other dogs.