El Niña

El Niña Bardick Magick
Import Croatia 🇭🇷 

Color: Black white

Coat length: medium coated

Height: 52cm
Weight: 17,5kg

Carries: red, tricolor
Agility / dock diving / frisbee / herding 

FCI HD B, ED 0 / Good Hips, normal elbows
Eyes clear 2023
MyDogDNA all clear

*El Niña is not being used for breeding. She’s a private sport/work dog. 

El Niña is a very special little girl. El Niña is a high-drived dog and is absolutely focused on toys. She has one of the best Grip’s, even when she was just a puppy it was hard and often not even possible to win against her in the toy-pulling game!

She is working great and focused with food and toy’s. She is a very cuddly little girl who is very focused on me too. She is friendly to other people but is also not that kind of dog who is running to every stranger. If children come and pet her she is relaxed and very careful.

El Niña is a very water crazy dog! She loves to go in every river/ lake/ sea ect. she find’s…

She also loves mud a lot… one time on a walk she was going in a muddy river she found, which I didn’t saw… well the drove home was great (not) my car is going trough a lot cause of the dogs! El Niña is still a beginner in dock diving and is currently jumping between 10-15 feet.

El Niña is a Great Agility dog! Cause of her incredibly fast movements and her extreme toy focus it’s a lot of fun to work with her! It’s also sometimes hard, she is so fast that I can’t come after her… so she is learning the commands for the parkour perfectly. She is doing absolutely athletic and beautiful jumps. She is like a little Ninja… 

She always had a very strong herding instinct. She is an incredibly herding dog. Completely focused on the sheep’s and duck’s! She has a lot of potential and talent for trail’s.

Since El Niña has an incredible high toy drive it was very easy to teach her to catch frisbee’s! She catched her first frisbee after already two day’s of training it. We are working now for the freestyle-frisbee type. 

El Niña is definitely the fastest dog I’ve got and I’ve ever seen! Already with 4 months of age she was the fastest one out of all my dogs! She is currently running 60kmh. She has incredible quick movement’s. It’s so beautiful watching her work!