Are you looking for an "exceptional" border collie? We breed dogs that can perform in any environment. We specialize in athletic, obedient dogs from proven herding lines.
We do our best to breed healthy, well-blooded, good-drived, balanced, on-off switched working Border Collies.

I expect prospective the new owners to know the needs of the breed, provide the right environment and maintain the relationship.
I am an avid dog sports enthusiast such as dock diving, frisbee, agility and other dog sports.
Breeding is very important to me. I put my whole heart and soul into breeding and will do everything to breed healthy, good-blooded... Working Border Collies. I will do my best to bring amazing dogs into this world and respect their health and the nature of the breed.

I absolutely love breeding and it definitely has a big meaning in my life! I breed dogs that go to new homes all over the world.
Every puppy and owner has a special place in my heart. I love meeting new potential owners and building a bond and friendship with my puppies' new owners. There are many different people around the world, we all support each other and we share the same interests and lifestyles. I think that's something very beautiful and valuable!

If you’re interested in getting a puppy from our kennel, please read the site “Puppies” for more informations. 

Lines and Temperament

We breed intelligent working border collies with natural herding instinct. We‘re breeding dogs that have an off-switch, so they are pleasant to live with but are focused, hard-working partners when it's time to go to work. We want dogs that live to please and don’t quit when the going gets tough.

A Focus on Health

We do everything we can to maximize the chance that our puppy‘s body will hold up to their drive. We take health very serious in our breeding. In addition to hip and elbow certification, there are many genetic tests that  have been developed for border collies, such as testing for CEA, TNS, IGS, SN, MDR1 and EOAD. Working lines are not exempt from these diseases.

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